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Empower Your Entertainment

Making your viewing experience accessible for everyone.

How We Empower

CEESOUND provides you with accessibility services for your entertainment

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Amplified Audio

We combine augmented audio, behavioral data, audio description and 3D sound to re-create visual content through sound.

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Audio Introduction

Describes key elements of the story before it starts for audiences can picture what they are about to enjoy.

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Immersive Audio Description

We deliver faster, smarter, and more efficient insights into the visual world for the visually impaired.

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Extended Audio Description

Pause the experience at certain points for you to select what elements to be described.

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Multi-platform integration

Our platform creates impactful audio experiences tailored to the accessibility needs of media companies and audiences with sight loss. 

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Character's perspective

Hear the story from the perspective of the characters who describes what they feel and see.

It is Simple


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Select the way you want to experience the story with seven possible selections and personalise it to your needs.


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We support Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Films all with accessible and innovative audio features.


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Your favourite entertainment services for your needs. 

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"Thanks for such a wonderful app. I love audio description and I'm so glad a company is finally coming up with a solution for our smartphones to access audio description."



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